Season 3 – Episode 16: One beer – Three Glasses


     Over the last couple months we’ve seen some pretty exceptional pale ales coming from Flying Bison Brewing Co here in Buffalo. With one of these beers, the Session Ale, we decided to do an experiment…drink the same beer in 3 glassware styles and note the differences of each. The beer: A delightful blend of German Pils and UK Fawcett Pearl malts that carry a clean, earthy bitterness from Northern Brewer and tropical flavors/aromas from Citra hops. Perfectly sessionable at 4.3% ABV.  The glassware styles we chose are essentially an example of, forgive me here…high(er), middle and low class drinking vessels. We start with the classic La Chouffe Tulip, move to the Samuel Adams Perfect “Pint” and then finish with the standard Shaker Pint. In a future episode, we will do this again to include the new Spiegelau IPA glass…with both Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head IPA examples.  I’ve included a few pictures from the night, as promised. Thanks for listening to our exercise in subtleness. Try this yourself and let us know what you think!


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