Season 3 – Episode 11: Craft Beer Talk on the road.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 3.32.02 PM     Sometimes theres a bunch of things you want to do all at once…and who says you can’t? Ethan and I hit the road in this episode to take a tour of a few things that were happening all in the same night back in May. We make our first stop at Blue Monk to sit and talk with Rudy (Community Beer Works head brewer) about “The Snow” — an Imperial Stout he brewed that had just been tapped and was the last keg [we knew of]. Next, a short jaunt out to visit and talk with our good friend Matt Redpath (head brewer) at Gordon Biersch and try his new American Hop Bock — pushing the boundaries of Lager indeed. Lastly, we finish our night at Pizza Plant on Transit Rd in Williamsville to meet with the Buffalo Beer Goddesses — a group organized by Julia Burke (Beer writer and associate editor at Buffalo Spree; WNY Beer Governess, Great Lakes Brewing News) to illustrate the importance and many roles that women play in making our beer culture what it is today.


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