Craft Beer Talk is a radio program/podcast that discusses all things beer. We will have weekly guests on the show, review beers, talk about the current state of craft beer, discuss brewing processes and homebrewing and more! If you miss a show, you can download archived podcast versions of the show to listen to whenever you want.


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  1. Daniel Clark says:

    Why is your podcast on iTunes only a small portion of the show? I listened to it and I was very disappointed because it wasn’t the entire show. Is this going to be fixed so that I can get the entire show on iTunes?


  2. Norm March says:

    Found your Podcast today and really have enjoted it. I am a police officer in Louisiana and love beer. My partner and I are getting into homebrewing and really enjoying it. My days in the Navy (13 yrs ago) got me into worldly beers and away from traditional american beers. Years back I got into Micro Brews and tasting beers from all over America. If ya’ll can get your hands on Pecan Beer it is well worth it. I am a fan and you guys rock just wish ya’ll were on radio here.

    P.S. Gateway beer for me was Guiness Stout straight from the tap in Ireland.

  3. Dan Romano says:

    The Pronunciation is “Troh gs”…It’s a Long “O”.

  4. Dan Romano says:


  5. Hello!
    My name is Jon DiGregory with Cantaloupe.tv.
    I am reaching out to “brew minded” folks like yourself to find landing destinations for a craft beer / brewery video series we are producing. The idea is to deliver through your website a new and very relevant to your audience video story every month at no cost to you.


    Sun King Brewery’s new brew Grapefruit Jungle 


    These are not commercials but rather “feels good to watch” stories surrounding topics your fans care about giving you a reason to circle fans back to your site over and over…

    Be happy to chat if it made sense!



  6. Chris says:

    Pick’d up my buy 1, get 1 (purchased two of them) Saranac Irish Red from Consumer Beverages – thanks!

    Love the show….

  7. Lorraine says:

    Hi – Been listening to the podcast since the first episode, but you guys really made me mad the other week. You were SUPPOSED to have a female brewer on for your show, but you talked so much of the 55 minutes about Osama bin Laden and other non-beer topics, that her interview did NOT make it into the podcast. Can you “finesse” your podcasts a little bit and cut out the local commercials AND other non-beer topics like politics? Remember – itunes only gives you 50 some minutes per episode. I am guessing your show is several hours long, but to the podcast listeners, it is irritating to see the podcast timer ending and you have “dissed” a guest. Thanks!

  8. Dan Hausle says:

    Can’t wait for you guys to talk to Beeradvocate brothers Jason & Todd Alstrom. They’re great guys. Been donwloading since your first podcast and have the last few loaded up and ready to go.
    Especially love Nick’s music tips. Turned me on to Eli ‘paperboy’ Reed and Fitz & the Tantrums. Good stuff. Keep it coming!

  9. Ho-Dad says:

    Hey guys, hope you don’t mind a little constructive criticism from a fan… I absolutely love the show and look forward to each new episode but I have to say that lately the shows have been a little heavy on the non-brew related topics. Today I revisited a few older shows and as an example I will point out “The Growler Of Mystery” as a perfect show. The brew discussions are in depth and informative and you are pretty much talking about beer from start to finish. I really don’t mind when things get a little sidetracked and goofball from time to time. That’s actually a big part of what makes the show work. I would just rather hear more about beer and what is going on in your own personal beer world than anything else. Also more updates on what’s happening at CBW would be great. It’s a neat opportunity for craft beer lovers to be able to hear all the ins and outs of a small up and coming brewery.

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